MarXtar is pleased to release version 5 of our ENgage! APP for Enterprise Notifier; this is our first customer facing version (versions 1 - 4 were internal beta's).

Version 5 was released on 25th January 2018.

It is available for the following platforms:

    • Apple iPhone or iPad
    • Android Phone or Tablet
    • Google Chromebook (supporting Android APP)

Key features of this first release are:

  • Message List

The main repository for received Enterprise Notifier messages that have yet to be actioned.

The Message List can be sorted and filtered and messages indicate remaining time to expiry and read/unread status.

  • Message History

A repository for messages that have been actioned by the registered ENgage! user.

The History List can be sorted and filtered and messages indicate the time and button actioned, and whether the message was read or not.

  • Help

Access to this Help file.  Note that this help file can be replaced by a customer customised version.

  • About

Information on the APP version, registered user and the targeted Enterprise Notifier Broker.