Version 6 was released on 5th April 2019.

It is an incremental release compared with v5.0; it adds a new feature (supported via Enterprise Notifier v2.6.1) and fixes a few minor bugs.

New Features:

    • Support Information (Phone and Email contact details) now appears on the registration page if a registration attempt fails.  It is also visible on the ABOUT pop-up once registered.  The support information is configured centrally on the Enterprise Notifier Server, v2.6.1 or later.


    • Messages now fit correctly on iPhone X devices,
    • Message buttons that were anchored right didn't observe font colours.
    • Mandatory Button Free text input property was not observed, such that it was possible to response without completing mandatory text.
    • Registration requires the user to be specified in the samAccountName format;  ie marxtar\julian.wigman