Enterprise Notifier was created as a way to interact with end-users in a more productive way, both at desktop and mobile device level, using Targeted, Audited, and Actionable communication.

ENgage! is the application that interacts with users via their mobile device(s).  Interaction with users at desktop level is performed by the Enterprise Notifier installed Client (Agent) which is outside the scope of this help document.

ENgage! isn't designed to be a long-lived Inbox (as with email), nor a peer-to-peer messaging system (as with Instant Messaging),  instead it should be likened more to an urgent "To-Do" Task List of messages you need to review, and corresponding actions that you need to take.  

Items arriving in your Message List are typically targeted and designed so that you can review and action quickly, and to that end every message has a lifetime defined by its "Availability".  Availability is dictated by message start and end times (sometimes end time can be left open-ended) and possibly even recurrence (multiple Availability slots);  this differentiates ENgage! from email solutions where the messages can be left in the Inbox for long periods or moved automatically to other folders by mail forwarding rules that then could lead to communications being lost.

In addition to Availability, messages escalate as well during their life in your Message List and messages will automatically expire from your list when their end date arrives.  So unlike email, ENgage! is encouraging you to "engage" with messages in your "To-Do" list in a timely manner as set by the creator of the message.

Unlike email and instant messaging though, messages are not sent in a peer-to-peer (client to client) manner, but instead (and often referred as a "hub-and-spoke" delivery method) the Enterprise Notifier server is responsible for posting messages out to the targeted user groups and individuals.  This is achieved either through the Enterprise Notifier web console or through 3rd party applications that interface transparently with Enterprise Notifier to send messages to the desktop and ENgage! clients. An example of this may be your Service Desk solution integrating Enterprise Notifier messages into your business processes to keep you or your customers informed and engaged.

Finally, EVERY message received by EVERY user requires actioning;  this may be a simple "OK" or "Acknowledge" through to choices of multiple buttons that the message creator has added for the context of the particular message, and for every message, unlike other communication tools (such as email) we fully audit every step of the communication back at the server.  Auditing knows when the message became available, when it was sent to you, when you viewed it, when you actioned it and what button you pressed even if the ultimate action was 'No Action'.  

Actioned messages always have an audit trail but they can also be configured by the message creator to perform actions in corresponding 3rd parting integrated solutions as well.  

So in summary with ENgage! we want to:

    • Target specific groups of users and individuals
    • Set an "availability" time-frame for a Message
    • Receive the messages in a timely manner
    • Present just enough information to enable a quick decision
    • Encourage prompt review via Escalation and Expiry
    • Mandate positive action from every message
    • Potentially do something (securely) based on the message Action
    • Fully audit the full life-cycle of message presentation and interaction

With Enterprise Notifier in your business all areas can potentially benefit, with IT Service Management (ITSM), Facilities Management (FM) and Human Resources (HR) all being great places to start and potential sources of messages you may receive.  So for example:

    • ITSM
      • Major Incident
      • Heightened Incidents (e.g. P1's and VIP's)
      • Emergency C.A.B Approvals
      • Service Request Approvals
      • Noticeboard and Alerting
      • System alerting
    • FM
      • Visitor notifications
      • Fire Alarm tests
      • Service Outages
      • Building Access Changes
    • HR
      • Joiners, Movers, Leavers
      • New policy announcements
      • Company Meetings

With ENgage! we can now get the above messages on-the-move,  whether you are on a train on your way into the office during the morning rush hour,  or sat in the departure lounge at the airport waiting for a flight or even taking a break on a cliff edge halfway through a climb (mobile signal availability allowing of course!).  

So if you are a Manager and need to approve Service Requests promptly (so that the user is serviced quicker by IT) or simply need to be made aware of a Major or Heightened Incident then we have you covered.  If you are an End User just wanting to be made aware that the frothy coffee and sandwich van is outside then we can cover that too.

With Enterprise Notifier and ENgage! we have you covered!