The first point of note is that ENgage! does NOT work standalone;  it requires a central Enterprise Notifier solution.  

The Enterprise Notifier Mobile solution has three components:

  • Enterprise Notifier Server
  • Enterprise Notifier Internet Broker
  • ENgage! Mobile APP (for iOS or Android)

The minimum requirements for ENgage! is:

  • Server
    • Enterprise Notifier version 2.6.0 or higher
    • Enterprise Notifier Broker is installed (typically in the D.M.Z)

  • ENgage! APP for iOS
    • Apple Phone or Tablet
    • iOS 8 or higher

  • ENgage! APP for Android
    • Android Phone or Tablet
    • Android 7.0 or higher

Note that earlier versions of iOS and Android devices may still work OK with ENgage! but that they have not been functionally tested by MarXtar.