There are currently 4 different properties of an ENgage! message that are worthy of note:

    • Icon:  This is chosen by the message creator when the message is designed and indicates the type of message.
      •   Critical
      •   Information
      •   Warning
      •   Respond
      •   Note

    • Escalation Colour Flash:  The first colour flash at the far left of the message tile is automatically generated by the system and the colours will change according to the expiry date and time set for the message:

      • RED:  5 minutes or less (to expiry)
      • ORANGE:  1 hour down to 5 minutes
      • GREEN:  100 days down to 1 hour
      • WHITE:  Over 100 days

In addition, each message will create a local notification on the mobile device when that escalation crosses the 5 minute threshold.  This notification will appear as for other external notifications on the mobile device and can be clicked to drill into the ENgage! APP and the specific message.

    • Unread Colour Flash:  The second Blue colour flash (when shown) at the far left of the message tile is automatically maintained by the system and indicates whether the message contents have been read or not by the user. The Blue flash indicates the message is unread.

    • Expiry: Swipe the message tile right and the left-most area will show a countdown in days:hours:minutes:seconds to message expiry; it compliments the colour flash. If the remaining time is greater than 100 days the date-time will be replaced with "> 100 days".

It will actively countdown whilst open until the tile is swiped left.  Whilst this is displayed the auto refresh will stop.